Eastern Expression: Henna

Eastern Expression is OUTERclé’s collection of artisan-quality glazed terracotta tile, bringing a world of narrative expression to walls outdoors (as well as indoors). Freeze-thaw rated, it’s ideal for almost any climate.

While Eastern Expression: Tempera is all about color, Eastern Expression: Henna is a decorative tile that features subtle, tone-on-tone shading with delicate patterning that’s subtle and nuanced with a distinctly pre-patinated feel…


Eastern Expression: Henna.  Corak, Petit in Brun + Barcelos Black

Bohemian Romance

With an easy-going, slightly bohemian, rough-hewn vibe, it’s the more primitive, weathered-looking, organic cousin to more traditional Delft and maiolica tile. The collection’s brown, tan, and neutral coloring is also easier to incorporate into a wide range of schemes than traditional blue and white Delft tile. It’s also more accessibly priced.

Delicate (looking)… but durable

With 3 glazes (Brun with patterns in Barcelos Black, and more creamy Claire with Barcelos Black and Barvelos Blue), it comes in 13 patterns (ranging from simple Petit Corak and Buddha’s Branch to more complex Secret Mehendi and Karang Cloth). With a mood drawn from Southeast Asian traditions, it's an essential building block of a LOTUS scape, but equally welcome in MANOR, LOGGIA, MISSION, or MAROC. That’s not surprising given the storied colonial and trading history of Southeast Asia, where Chinese, colonial French, and Dutch motifs first intermingled with and then wove themselves into domestic traditions.

Despite its delicate patterning, the tile is versatile, and durable. Use UV-resistant, freeze-rated Eastern Expression: Henna on walls (but not floors or walkways), backsplashes, and firepit surrounds to create a mood the epitome of elevated ease.

Like its Dutch cousin, the collection allows you to mix and match patterns and glazes for a more personal presentation, even incorporating field tiles for the occasional visual pause.

Natural, authentic, artisan, exotic, romantic. Along with the wonderfully complex traditional henna designs, think classic Southeast Asian traditions such as batik and ikat.



Lemongrass, citrus, basil, ginger, fragrant teas


Banh mi, satays, nasi goreng, gado-gado, and bun cha. Rice wine, green tea, sugarcane juice with lime, Pimms


Watercolor on silk, woodblock carving, weaving


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Lose Yourelf in Eastern Expression: Henna

Eastern Expression | Henna | Petite | Ubon Palace | Claire + Barcelos Blue | Gloss

Claire + Barcelos Blue


Eastern Expression: Henna

4" x 4" x 0.5" | Ubon Palace | Gloss


Eastern Expression | Henna | Baguette | Field Tile | Claire | Gloss



Eastern Expression: Henna

2" x 6" x 0.5" | Field Tile | Gloss


Eastern Expression | Henna | Petite | Kawung Lotus | Claire + Barcelos Black | Gloss

Claire + Barcelos Black


Eastern Expression: Henna

4" x 4" x 0.5" | Kawung Lotus | Gloss