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Welcome to the world of OUTERclé

It's time we step outside

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Julie Muniz

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An outdoor adventure is beginning to unfold, and you’re invited to come along. It’s high time we go outside, and bring as much beauty, imagination, and flair to our outer sanctums as you bring to your inner ones.

The journey begins with OUTERclé: an unexpected, meticulously curated assemblage of ideas, tile, materials, and sculptural design elements, all for the outdoors.

OUTERclé is a call to view our OUTER worlds through a whole new design lens: to open up those worlds to color, texture, and expressive options (many never before seen in the outdoor context in America), and brought together into a definitive collection of materials designed specifically for the outdoors. Along with this staggering collection is a wealth of resources to help guide the selection of the right material, for the right use. Because when it comes to the outdoors, finding that magic fit is everything.


Find Your Inspiration: OUTERclé “Scapes”

The place to start your OUTERclé journey is with OUTERclé Scapes. They are calls to adventure, new lenses through which to view the possibilities for the outdoors. Based on landscape traditions from around the world and across time, Scapes are points of departure, setting mood — and design.

These include the lush, storied allure of English gardens in MANOR to the powerful stillness of Japanese traditions (KENJO), the mid-century modernist motifs of ’58, and the wild, rugged abandon of NORDIK.

Each scape has both urban and more rural expressions, making California-inspired MISSION, for example, work for citified spaces and full-on desert oases alike.

Tiles, materials, and sculptures have been selected for each scape — but they’re just a starting point for a designer’s imagination. ▪

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Expand Your Horizons

OUTERclé aims to unlock creative potential for the outdoors. From patios and porticos to driveways and walkways, OUTERclé changes the game for landscape designers and architects who for too long have been limited as to palette and materials.

OUTERclé is also challenging the standard forms of pool surfacing with one of the most extensive collections of pool tile — bringing pools into a new world of expressiveness with color, texture, and form.

The goal is to open up a completely new world of potential for exterior surfaces.

Think fountains, pool decks, play areas, hidden (or not so) follies and pergolas, courtyards and decks, fire pits and cook areas — and far beyond. The possibilities are endless. It just requires vision, creativity — and the right materials. ▪

Explore Unexpected Materials for Bold, New Creative Possibilities

OUTERclé materials are also organized into collections, an easy way to find like materials. Our collections include a wide range of materials in colors and textures that range from classically organic to rich, vibrant, colorful, and unabashedly bold. Materials include terracotta, terrazzo, porcelain, cement, brick, and stone — even glass. All are outdoor-friendly, of course, depending on specific conditions and usages.

Exclusive, elevated collections such as Fornace Brioni + Cristina Celestino, ExCinere from storied design house Formafantasma, Dolce Vita Italian terrazzo, and cement Colore Frattura join landscape classics such as flagstone, pavers, and brick. ▪

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Mind the Details (which OUTERclé makes easier)

Choosing a tile or material destined for the outdoors is as much a technical and functional decision as it is an aesthetic one (not that it isn’t for indoor tile, but the factors — and the implications of getting it wrong — are greater when it comes to outdoor materials.)

The great difference between tile and materials destined for the indoors versus the outdoors is that most obvious factor: weather. Considerations of heat, rain, sun, salt, and moisture are ever present. Add to that plants and foliage that shed (and stain), animals (whether wild or domestic), and then what humans bring to the equation — outdoor shoes, food and drink, everyday wear and tear and the ongoing concern over slips and trips. And this doesn’t even begin to address the issues around pools where chlorine and other chemicals can do a number on surfaces.

OUTERclé was created with these special considerations in mind. Each material included in OUTERclé is rated on factors such as freeze/thaw, UV, heat, and slip resistance… among others. Tools like the OUTERclé Pathfinder Quiz and advanced filtering then make it easy to narrow down choices for your desired use — allowing designers, architects, and clients to focus on the design possibilities. 

This is just the start of the OUTERclé journey. As the seasons turn, fresh collections, fresh usages, and fresh inspirations will follow. Go and make the (outdoor) world a more beautiful place. ▪

Lido | Fresco | Fiddlestick | Giverny Blue | Matte

Giverny Blue


Lido: Fresco

0.5" x 1.5" x 0.25" | Fiddlestick | Matte


Origami | Pleats | Leaf | Matte



Origami: Pleats

8" x 8" x 0.88" | Pleats | Matte


Colore Frattura | Petite | Heirloom Opal | Matte

Heirloom Opal


Colore Frattura

4" x 4" x 0.625" | Petite | Matte