Who We Are

OUTERclé is the latest from clé. In the same way that we have established ourselves as revolutionaries within the world of design, we're now expanding our vision to include the great outdoors. OUTERclé is another call to challenge convention and view our outer world with a whole new design lens.

The journey begins with an unexpected, carefully curated — and expansive — collection of outdoor tile, materials, and forms.

Exclusive, elevated collections such as Fornace Brioni + Cristina Celestino, ExCinere from Formafantasma, Dolce Vita Italian terrazzo, and Cement Obscura join landscape classics such as flagstone, pavers, and brick. OUTERclé is also challenging the standard forms of pool surfacing with one of the most extensive collections of pool tile — bringing pools and fountains into a new world of expressiveness with color, texture, and form.

These initial collections are just the start of your journey – and ours.


Our Vision

OUTERclé is a call to exploration. It’s about creating a richer outdoor life — blurring the lines between our inner and outer sanctums, and expressing ourselves, outdoors, with the same individuality, intention, character, and imagination that we do indoors. It’s a way to see the outdoors differently, to work with nature to tell new stories. It’s also about engaging with — and learning to respect — the passage of time and the power of nature, embracing patina not perfection.

Our outdoor world … ‘helps us remember who we are and why we are here.’ John O’Donohue

This is the spirit of OUTERclé.


Where to find us